Create fun THEME STATIONS like this charming Vintage Lemonade Stand for Wedding Day Fun!

We all love the vintage sweets table and candy buffets, but the fun continues in theme stations  for others sweets and beverage to surprise your guests with unexpected creative vignettes.  We are seeing gourmet popcorn buffets with colourful drizzle, vintage carts with candy apples all decorated with funky toppings, smores bars, punch buffets, hot chocolate bars, and roving espresso carts.  All fun and lavish treats to thrill your guests.

One of my favourite is the vintage lemonade stand, so I decided to style up our vintage table with one idea sure to keep guest cool at your summer soiree.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageBu


Making it Vintage – Candy Buffets with Southern Charm

At Southern Charm Vintage Rentals we are all about vintage.  And wow, do we have the dazzling vintage glass for sweets table and candy buffets to prove it!  But today’s most popular and trendy container is the vintage-style apothecary jar.  Who doesn’t love these finial-topped, swoopy, curvaceous babies??!!  But, technically they are not vintage.  So I decided to work on a way to feel better about our huge offering of jars and this is what I came up with.

First, the no brainer.  Add vintage pieces into the display.  This is what we do here.  We add the vintage cut glass compote along side these trendy lovelies and, bingo…VINTAGE CANDY BUFFET!

But I came up with a few more touches to vintage them up and I love the results.  First I added vintage-style ribbon to the jars, then I adorned them with some vintage jewelry.  Peals were the theme.  Vintage round 1940/50s pearl brooches on the large jars look fantastic. Just clip to the ribbon.  Then I added vintage bridal pearl earrings clipped onto the bows so they look like vintage buttons.  Buttons and Bows!  I am feeling more pure vintage by the minute.

Then, to tie into the colour scheme, I added some aqua 1950s pearl earring clips to two more of the jars.  If you want to really make it special (which is what vintage is all about), borrow the vintage jewelry from close family. Mom, Grandmom, and aunties will be very proud you included them, even in a small way.

Then I took a fun-shaped hexagon cut glass 1920s mini plate and tucked it under one of the more plain jane apothecary jars.  Instant interest and layering…and you can add candy or tongs to that plate to give it even more purpose.

Then a vintage sweets table is NEVER complete without a cake stand.  Cake stands by their own right are a vintage symbol.  But we added the real thing.  An aqua circa 1930s pedestal stand is the perfect riser for a smaller jar.  So I tucked it in the middle of the table scape to again bump up the interest of the ordinary apothecary display.

But one of my favourite pieces that I just had to include is a vintage mirror.  Remember those darling vanity mirror trays with the metal lace edge?  Well SCVR has a huge offering in all shapes and sizes, so I chose a silver round one and grouped three of the smaller apothecary jars on top so it reads as one hot little number in the center of the table.  The mirror will reflect candles and light and bring a lot of romance to the tablescape.

I cannot emphasize how important mirrors and candles are on a sweets table.  If you want romance, add them!!  They bring the “WOW”!   (I show two white 1920s style candelabras in the back of the table.)

And, lastly, to echo the silver in one more place, I tucked in a silverplate tray that I made into a chalkboard.  Sitting pretty on a clear easle, you now have a place to write a personal note to your guests….”love is sweet”, M + K,  “how sweet it is”, “Celebrate”, “So sweet of you to join us” or what ever message you want to impart.

NOW, doesn’t this table feel a lot more vintage…and interesting?  But hey…..we left out the best part.  The candy!!!  Well, that’s up to you, ladies. Have fun picking out all the yummie shapes and styles…but remember, for the most impact stick with 2-3 colours max.  White, Chocolate, and your wedding colour ..that’s it!  Now, go make it Vintage, Y’all!!!!!!


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