Bringing Back the Punch Bowl — Canadian Style!!!

I totally love the new “old” trends that are coming back in style.  The classics like bundt cakes and home made pie bars at weddings are heartwarming to see.  I don’t think there has ever been a more fun time in history to be a bride.  But one of the good oldies I would just love to see return with a vengeance is the good, old-fashioned PUNCH BOWL.  SO, we’re going to try to help bring her back!

I have been on the hunt for the perfect punch bowl ever since my niece, Tryna, mentioned the concept to me.  It had to grow on me a bit until she emailed me a photo of a EAPG Punch Bowl she just missed buying at an Estate Sale.  Upon researching it, we discovered these little buggars are very valuable.  The one she saw was listed on ebay for $300.  

So there began the idea.  I had to have a punch bowl!  It had to be something spectacular.  Bright. Shiny.  Cut.  And have the wow factor.  Then I got a glimpse at this spectacular beauty.  It had everything I wanted AND the one irresistible feature…the pedestal!!!!!!!!  You could say she was as “pretty as punch”!

I had to have her…and so I did, and today is her debut.  We broke out the champagne for her coming out party.  And decided it might just be fun to BRING BACK THE PUNCH BOWL CANADIAN STYLE!!!  No need to buy ice when we make our own up here!


Here are some great ideas for using a vintage punch bowl:   Champagne toasts, French Macarons, Gourmet Popcorn, Candy Pretzels, Flower arrangements or floating candles/flowers, Sangria, and……well…..PUNCH.

Fill with a colour themed cocktail-style punch for a big splash at a bridal or baby shower.

What ever you wish to feature, this gorgeous bowl will not escape the gazes of your party goers.  Bring on the big bling.  Bring back the punch bowl.  Post your ideas on how to use it.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


No room to store this…well rent it today from Southern Charm Vintage Rentals in Whitby.