It’s been a long, hard, cold winter this year, so this “BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE” was the perfect theme for Jodie’s baby shower.  Hosted in Niagara-On-The-Lake, the skies set the perfect snowy backdrop to her winter wonderland themed shower.

The centrepiece of the event was the sweeping aqua sweets table, styled with many of our vintage rentals.

We had cake pops in a galvanized tub, wood cake stands, winter white candy in our gorge aqua compotes, and silver kisses in blue vintage ruffle candy dishes. A galvanized 2-tier rack held striped container with caramel corn.  And a special “flag” marked the Nanny’s blueberry dessert.  Filled with details, but none more fun than our vintage cigar barrel holding CANDY CIGARS!!!

More details like the sweets pennant hanging from our tri-fold frame just gave reason for guest to pause and take it all in.  Feeling pampered, I am sure.

Snowflake decor …both plastic and real ….framed the backdrop with  winter windows-scapes.  And Jodie made a homespun bunting out of shades of blue and lace for the table skirt.

But it did not stop at the sweets table….there was a warm up bev stations with cocoa, coffee and hot tea as well.  All of the displays were our vintage rentals showcasing vintage compotes with marshmallows, sprinkles, caramels and peppermint.  Wooden boxes held the cocoa and tea packets, and cute wooden chalkboards labeled the station.

More vintage chalkboards designated the game areas….where guest pulled aqua twine from our vintage baby pram to cut to the length their guess of mom-to-be’s tummy measurement!!!

It might have been really cold outside, but it was a warm welcome for soon coming Baby Tristan!


Photography by:  Christine PIcheca Photography  www.Christine PIcheca

Proud Parents-to-Be:  Jodie and Sean

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Make the Vintage Sweets Table your Wedding Day Centrepiece!!! WOW IT WITH VINTAGENESS!!!

Wow, have we been having fun creating all kind of wonderful VINTAGE SWEETS TABLES and vintage decor for the 2013 summer wedding season.  Barn weddings are highly sought venues, and no wonder with all of the fun things you can do with decor.  But thanks to Amy Atals, it is the vintage sweets table that has become the centrepiece of the wedding.  And that is why we are “here”.

If gorgeous sweets in a sinful variety of offerings hasn’t been enough, well, now the presentation will surely have you counting down for dessert.

We have booked rentals for some incredible venues that make you wish you could be the bride.  Barns, Botanical Gardens, Historical Homes, Backyard Flings, Fancy Halls, and Wooded Gardens.  Don’t you just wish you had one of those R.S.V.P. cards in YOUR hands!!?!?!  I do!!

But it’s not just the venues getting all the limelight, it’s also that all-important, ever pinned about,  little sweets table.

If you live on Pinterest, you already know that Pie Bars are very hot!  Home-made with the name of the aunt or friend who baked it up…right there for all to see.

Late-night fun goes over the top with yummy gourmet donut buffets, and gourmet popcorn bars.  Bundt cake come-backs, cake pops looking like brides and grooms, milk glass candy buffets and the sweetheart of all styling, apothecary show-boating with decorative labels.  All hot and  so fun for the guests.

But it doesn’t stop there.  You need to set the stage.  Tablescaping your sweets table takes you from the “done” to the “you”.  Make it personal!!  Get crazy and fun.  Include things you love.  You make the rules.

For instance, instead of just apothecary jars, mix it up!!  Add some vintage cake stands that have icing rims and show off your truffles and candy there.  We have a few combos of vintage glass compotes that stack to bring the 3-tier cake stand look to candy!!  Who could resist this?

Use unexpected pieces like vintage vases for cake pops and cotton candy, pastry trays of vintage glass for chocolate-dipped marshmallows (on a stick) and have a carmel apples buffet. Bring some big wow with a vintage (it must be awesome) punch bowl for gourmet popcorn or candy pretzels…or even colourfully bagged cookies.

Put Candy in your Vases, and Flowers in your Candy Bowls!!!  MIX IT UP!

There are so many ways to surprise your guests, run with it!

But don’t forget the non-edible staging of your table.  That’s where we really shine!  Add victorian shelfs to stack your pies on, or bird cages, rustic birds, vintage mirrors, frames and candelabras.  Put cupcakes on vintage mirrors for a beautiful and cost effective surprise.

LAYER, LAYER, LAYER!!!  My three secrets for styling the perfect vintage sweets table are:

Gorgeous Vintage Glass  (Cake Stands, Compotes, Trays, Vases)

Candlelight – Vintage candelabras, Cut glass Votives, hanging chandeliers will all bring the romance and sparkle

Mirrors – Vintage, fancy, lace metal edging.  It will reflect the light, add volume to the table and give the photographer something to sink his/her teeth into.

There has never been a more fun time in history, I say, to be a bride.  So, don’t miss out on  the fun.  Bling up that table.   From burlap to rhinestone studded mason jars, BRING THE ELEMENT OF WOW, FUN, SURPRISE to your sweet affair.  Embrace vintage style and watch the cameras and i-phones fly to capture the gift you are giving your guests.  It’s all about the unexpected.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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Contact us at: info@southerncharmvintagerentalswhitby

We have everything vintage and will help you style that OMG table!

Vintage Cake Stands Bring Elegant Style to King City Wedding

Cupcakes Cake RECEPTION-233 RECEPTION-016 RECEPTION-231 RECEPTION-019 RECEPTION-017 RECEPTION-018Vanessa and Rick recently tied the knot at the King Valley Golf Course in King City, ON.
Although this was not a vintage themed wedding, Southern Charm Vintage Rentals supplied Vanessa with a gorgeous mix and match combo of vintage cake stands and trays to make a stunning and elegant sweets table display.  The couple had a mixture of styles, flavours, and sizes of yummy cupcakes.  The tiers of vintage glass with their fancy patterns, texture and edging made for an enchanting sweets display.  All the best, Vanessa and Rick…Happy Life!

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Whitby, ON.

Wedding Candy Buffet – Vintage Style

Well, my latest vintage prop rental adventure is in full swing.  Cake stands and apothecary jars are flying out the door.  I am having more fun than anyone should be allowed as I comb the internet for fresh ideas or think of new twists to the already done.  Today I posted on my Southern Charm Vintage Rentals Facebook page  my latest in Candy Buffet Displays.  They range from the ever-so-popular Apothecary Collections, to the heart and soul of what I do..the ELLE COLLECTION.  It’s pure vintage glass candy bar displayed, named for Elegant Glass, which much of my collection is.  It’s so lovely, can’t wait to fill with candy and photograph it.  But I also wanted to offer something kitchy.  New, fresh and fabulous….so I came up with the VIntage Jug Collection.  (perhaps I will work on that name).  But it’s cute and fun, and never done! So, it’s my new signature line of candy buffet containers.  Check them all out below: