It’s been a long, hard, cold winter this year, so this “BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE” was the perfect theme for Jodie’s baby shower.  Hosted in Niagara-On-The-Lake, the skies set the perfect snowy backdrop to her winter wonderland themed shower.

The centrepiece of the event was the sweeping aqua sweets table, styled with many of our vintage rentals.

We had cake pops in a galvanized tub, wood cake stands, winter white candy in our gorge aqua compotes, and silver kisses in blue vintage ruffle candy dishes. A galvanized 2-tier rack held striped container with caramel corn.  And a special “flag” marked the Nanny’s blueberry dessert.  Filled with details, but none more fun than our vintage cigar barrel holding CANDY CIGARS!!!

More details like the sweets pennant hanging from our tri-fold frame just gave reason for guest to pause and take it all in.  Feeling pampered, I am sure.

Snowflake decor …both plastic and real ….framed the backdrop with  winter windows-scapes.  And Jodie made a homespun bunting out of shades of blue and lace for the table skirt.

But it did not stop at the sweets table….there was a warm up bev stations with cocoa, coffee and hot tea as well.  All of the displays were our vintage rentals showcasing vintage compotes with marshmallows, sprinkles, caramels and peppermint.  Wooden boxes held the cocoa and tea packets, and cute wooden chalkboards labeled the station.

More vintage chalkboards designated the game areas….where guest pulled aqua twine from our vintage baby pram to cut to the length their guess of mom-to-be’s tummy measurement!!!

It might have been really cold outside, but it was a warm welcome for soon coming Baby Tristan!


Photography by:  Christine PIcheca Photography  www.Christine PIcheca

Proud Parents-to-Be:  Jodie and Sean

CANDY CIGAR BARREL Christine Picheca Photography_-81 Christine Picheca Photography_-84 Christine Picheca Photography_-87 Christine Picheca Photography_-88 Christine Picheca Photography_-89 Christine Picheca Photography_-92 Christine Picheca Photography_-93 Christine Picheca Photography_-94 Christine Picheca Photography_-95 Christine Picheca Photography_-137 Christine Picheca Photography_-184 Full Sweet Table hi res PIE WITH NANNA'S FLAG TUB OF CAKE POPS Beverage Station Hi Res Christine Picheca Photography_-29 Christine Picheca Photography_-42 Christine Picheca Photography_-51 Christine Picheca Photography_-70 Christine Picheca Photography_-100 Christine Picheca Photography_-101 Christine Picheca Photography_-103 Christine Picheca Photography_-104 Christine Picheca Photography_-118 Christine Picheca Photography_-120 Christine Picheca Photography_-121 Christine Picheca Photography_-122 Christine Picheca Photography_-123 Christine Picheca Photography_-163

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