Chalk Board Prose – What do we say on those fun chalk boards?

3photo[1]I love chalk boards!  And, they are one of my most popular rentals, too.  They are a great tool to show your style and personality, bring humour to an event and, well, even make a big statement if you like.

The boards themselves have personality.  We make them at Southern Charm Vintage Rentals in all sizes and shapes.  Rustic, French, Baroque, White, Cream and soon…colours.

But what the chalk board is really all about is what we write on them!  “Today as two families come together, we ask you to pick a seat, not a side”.  Says so much about the couple.

Or just cute phrases on a sweets table like “Sweet Beginnings” or “Sugah Pie” or everyone’s favourite “Love is Sweet”. I’m trying to work up some that are a little more fresh, but hey, there is a reason these are popular.  They’re good!

One of my all time faves is the one quoting a very old WWII 1940s song.  The lyrics were  :  “I Love You a Bushel and a Peck and a Hug Around the Neck”  Ok, I admit, I love it because when I was itty bitty, my mom sang it to me all the time.  But, your board should have meaning, even if everyone doesn’t get it. Make it yours!

Another oldie but goodie from that era is also my “mom and dad’s” song!  “You are my Sunshine”  Who doesn’t love that timeless sentiment?

Or maybe we look to our faith for inspiration like “What God has Joined Together….”, or simply “Faith, Hope, Love”.

And as I look into my rebel reggae years…the infamous Bob Marley in all of his understated wisdom would sing..”One Love, One Heart”.  Another reggae great, Tony Rebel, would probably write the title of his hit song, “Love ya like a Fresh Vegetable”

Go here to hear this song: (Jah, Rastafari)

Ok, I admit it lacks a little romance.  But if you were really hungry, that would be a pretty big compliment, right?!?!  Moving on, we can always look at the classics for chalk board inspiration. The Beatles boards would tout  “I want to hold your hand” or “All you need is Love” or just put a big celebration message up that says “Twist and Shout”.  I know on my wedding day, that’s what I wanted to do!

Do you have any ideas for Chalk Boards?  Let’s hear your favorites.

Guess I’ll end with a Texas oldie from home.  We love our George Straight, so my chalk board today would say “I Cross My Heart….”

You know the rest.

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