Vintage Weddings –

photo[4] Some of Southern Charm's -lilacs white on white 4 front Clown full 1 2 gold art deco - single holds 2 marshmellow down: good turkish candy marshmallow photo photo[5] photo good photo[2] photoVintage Weddings are so popular and I think photos like these photos will suggest why.2good Gma6 photo 3 1 11 22 Apothecary Vintage glass:sweet table over overheadImageImageImage

For Vintage Rentals in the Toronto or Durham Region, contact Southern Charm Vintage Rentals at:


4 thoughts on “Vintage Weddings –

  1. Hey Kat, mind if I use one of your photos in my Friday Favorites post next week? I’ll provide a link, of course!

    • Hi Kim,

      Sure, I’d be delighted! Thank you!

      I absolutely love your blog! I feel like we grew up in the same neighborhood! It always makes me laugh, brings warm memories or stirs my southern pride. Which I already show off up here at every opportunity. (thus the name of my rental company)

      Thanks for the fun!! I always forward it to someone else who also can relate!!!

      Cheers! Kathie

      > From: “Vintage Y'all!” > Reply-To:

      • Thanks, Kathie! I just love connecting with other Southerners who are far from home!

    • Thought of you when my niece just emailed me this photo. She purchased at an estate sale in Tulsa today. Darn her…I love this piece. : )

      Have a great day!

      Kathie Southern Charm Vintage Rentals

      > From: “Vintage Y'all!” > Reply-To:

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