Wedding Candy Buffet – Vintage Style

Well, my latest vintage prop rental adventure is in full swing.  Cake stands and apothecary jars are flying out the door.  I am having more fun than anyone should be allowed as I comb the internet for fresh ideas or think of new twists to the already done.  Today I posted on my Southern Charm Vintage Rentals Facebook page  my latest in Candy Buffet Displays.  They range from the ever-so-popular Apothecary Collections, to the heart and soul of what I do..the ELLE COLLECTION.  It’s pure vintage glass candy bar displayed, named for Elegant Glass, which much of my collection is.  It’s so lovely, can’t wait to fill with candy and photograph it.  But I also wanted to offer something kitchy.  New, fresh and fabulous….so I came up with the VIntage Jug Collection.  (perhaps I will work on that name).  But it’s cute and fun, and never done! So, it’s my new signature line of candy buffet containers.  Check them all out below:



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